TS Derringer H038

This is our new Herd Bull we purchased from T&S Strnad Charolais in Kansas.  He is a JDJ Smokester J1377 grandson and his mother is an LT Ledger 0332 daughter.  He is Homozygous Polled with an 80 lbs. birth weight.  He grew to almost 1400 lbs. for a yearling weight.  We feel he will produce some outstanding females.   His sons should be some of the thickest bulls around.  When they scanned the bulls that day he had a 19.58 square inch Ribeye with a 3.10 IMF Score.  His Ribeye EPD is in the top 1% of the Breed. We feel this bull has so many good things to offer to the Beef Industry.

Additional Info

  • BW: 80 lbs.
  • AWW: 748 lbs.
  • AYW: 1393 lbs.
  • CE: 7.5
  • BW: -1.1
  • WW: 71
  • YW: 124
  • Milk: 24
  • TM: 264.72 (TSI)
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