LT Ledger 0332 P

Ledger is the bull that attracted so much attention at the recent LT Bull Sale. He ended up leaving the ring that day as the highest selling bull in the breed in 2011 selling for a record $105,000. Ledger comes from the great Brenda cow family and they have recorded many Dams of Distinction. He is also sired by the great LT Bluegrass 4017 Pld. Ledger's attractive eye appeal, performance, scrotal development, and the cow family he comes from make it a really easy decision to use him in any A.I. Program.

Additional Info

  • BW: 85 lbs.
  • AWW: 778 lbs.
  • AYW: 1392 lbs.
  • CE: 8.8
  • BW: -1.5
  • WW: 37
  • YW: 77
  • Milk: 11
  • TM: 29
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