• Beavers Charolais is located in Central Iowa about 40 minutes northeast of Des Moines. Our goals are simple; raise top quality Charolais Seedstock that the commercial cattlemen will profit from. We have purchased cows and herd bulls from some of the best purebred breeders around the country. Our cow herd currently consists of 30 registered Charolais cows and recipient commercial cows. Our bulls will be sold by private treaty during the middle of March (more info is available on our “For Sale” page). Your visits are always welcomed or please feel free to give us a call for more information.

    Brett & Tina Beavers

  • BC Bluegrass 1826 Pld
    BC Bluegrass 1826 Pld Bluegrass 1826 is a son of our 9727 Herd bull.  HIs mother is our 904 cow we bought from Sonderman Charolais.  She has been an outstanding producer for us since we purchased her.  We mated the 904 cow to the 9727 bull every year we had him.  It was a great cross and they were always some of the first bulls to sell.  1826 will not disappoint either.  He is the youngest bull selling in this years sale.  He is a moderate framed bull that will add depth of body and thickness to his calves.  He is a low birth weight bull with very good calving ease EPD's and he would work on larger framed heifers and second calf heifers.  He had the best ADG on test at 4.37 lbs./day
  • BC Bluegrass 1808 Pld
    BC Bluegrass 1808 Pld Bluegrass 1808 is a son of our 9727 herd bull that was raised in the great Fink Herd in Kansas.  His mother is a Western Blend daughter that goes back to Wyoming Wind and some Wienk bloodlines also.  1808 was our heaviest bull at weaning time and looks to be doing really well on test.  Bluegrass 1808 is a high performing bull that will add frame and performance to his calves.  1808 is DEHORNED but if you mate him to Angus or Red Angus cows you should not have any trouble with horns.
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